JK window vents and rain protection

Discussion in 'Van Accessories' started by MrGrey, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. As the summer is wet! Wet! Wet! It was time to invest in these......

    ( ignore the tea tray ;D )


    Empi stainless rain deflectors

    Bit of a git to fit. Took about an hour. Each has 3 retaining screws

    JK Fresh air vents

    Great quality, metal vents with bug mesh. Take under a minute to fit, and quicker to remove. Once in place, very solid and no movement.
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  2. 72wilma

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    :) the JK vents look great. I have the empi rain deflectors and drive with the window open in the rain without getting wet. Don't let anyone tell you they are a useless bit-o-bling ;)
  3. Ive had mine for 20 years.Good for if you have a rain cover too,just to keep the windows open a little.;)
  4. Do you use these when driving? Looks like they will block visibility

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