JK reversing light kit

Discussion in 'Engine Gearbox' started by hailfrank, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. hailfrank

    hailfrank Admin esq.

  2. Very bright!

    Must admit, it does sound a better idea than reversing and hoping that people notice the huge box shape on wheels that is moving backwards!

    Perhaps I can persuade Matt to get them fitted ... although I suspect the response will be getting the leaking window sorted and finding whatever loose wire is causing the temperamental starting issues is higher up the list of priorities :)
  3. dean_butler

    dean_butler TLB Design Guru

    I have been wanting to do this as when its dark you cant see anything behind.
  4. hailfrank

    hailfrank Admin esq.

    update. seems they only work sometimes due to distance of the pin in the sender. tried a washer between gearbox and sender and that fixed it for a few days :(

    might be unrelated but think others have had same issue
  5. Birdy

    Birdy Not Child Friendly

    Could be that the switch has failed due to oil contamination inside the switch meaning it's not up to the job. Find an original switch and see how that works.
  6. hailfrank

    hailfrank Admin esq.

    yeah that's waht i need to do really. any ideas?
  7. Birdy

    Birdy Not Child Friendly

    Check Heritage out. I find Volkspears quite good for original bits like these.
  8. steve77bay

    steve77bay Supporter

    Would recommend fitting a fuse with a smaller rating 5 - 10 amps as coil feed would not normally be fused as if reverse lights shorted could burn back to fuse boxin worst case scenario
  9. According to the website, there's a wiring kit that includes the inline fuse holder plus 5a glass fuse:


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