JK Retro Driveaway awning

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  1. After considering various other drive away awnings we saw this on the JK stand at Volksworld and decided this was the one for us.

    It comes packed in 2 bags, one containing the poles and the 2nd containing the canvas, separate groundsheet and hanging inner tent (which for just the 2 of us was surplus to requirements). Goes up fairly easily by 1st constructing the frame of jointed aluminium poles and then by draping the canvas over the top and pegging it down. It has both inner and outer skirts that get pegged down using the supplied plastic pegs.. It can be joined to the gutter rail via clamps or figure of 8. As we didn't have the latter we used the gutter clamps and it stayed put all weekend, although I'm going to give the figure of 8 a go next time as I really don't like clamping stuff on the gutter rails. for fear of scratching the paintwork.

    It certainly passed the leak test on Sunday night, but left us with a mass of soaking canvas to lug home and hang out to dry, but as the poles are not integral this is fairly simple. JK sell a separate tie down kit for use in high winds and I think I might invest in one of these for trips we have planned later this year as it's not the most aerodynamically shaped awning around!

    All in all very pleased with it, maybe the only downside is that it is quite bulky.

    Picture below shows it in use last weekend, hope this is helpful?

  2. nice awning.

    bus is lovely too. i am looking for an awning also not desperate so waiting for a deal. any chance of the link for this
  3. Looks cool ;D

    Do you need a draft excluder thing for between the wheels? Or does it seal up under the van?
  4. Thanks Mr Grey, there was no draft exluder thing supplied with the awning, however there are "skirts" all around the base of the tent that you can peg down which effcetively would do the job of a draft excluder and prevent any air coming from under the van into the awning.

    Hope this helps?

  5. I have one of these awnings and it's brilliant, yes a bit bulky but worth it.
    Keep checking on fleabay as we got ours used just once for £100 and it was like new.

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