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  1. Just bought my bus. She has been restored and had a nice customised interior fitted by her previous owner. The only thing that I feel needs doing is the dash needs tidying up so I decided to start with the heater levers. The levers in the bus are grubby and faded. The heater doesn't avtually work but I thought I would at least replace the levers so I ordered a set from JK. Description was 2 x red levers and 1 x blue lever.

    What I actually have is 2 x red and 1 x Grey (Not a biggie)

    Not sure whether I will fit as in my opinion they look a bit cheap. Made from very cheap shiny plastic, the edges have very sharp corners and there are still burrs of plastic from the moulding and trimming process. (Just trimmed them myself using a sharp knife).

    The red is totally wrong compared to original but then again my bus isn't restored as original.

    I think I would have preferred all 3 levers in the grey to be honest.

    What would be really nice is a set of 3 chrome or aluminium levers so if anyone knows whether these exist please let me know. I know there is an aluminium option for early bays at JK but sadly not Late Bays.



  2. Lord Charles

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    Would probably look better if you painted them.

    I have never seen a chrome set but would be interested if there was such a thing.
  3. Paint would chip off though wouldn't it ?
  4. Maybe use a Model paint like Humbrol?
    Ensure you lubricate your rods and levers and slacken the mouting bolt a smidge - that will take the stress off them a bit, however bet they snap in about q week!
  5. No they are quite robust. I wont be using them anyway as the heater doesn't work. Just want to tidy the dash up.
  6. Oh ok - why does'nt heater work? Cable broken?
  7. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    I'd probably keep the originals. They ^^ Dont look too good...
  8. There is a company that does chrome(or aluminium?) ones , not cheap but i can't find the link to the website :(

    They also sell chrome gear knobs/Handbrake/inside sliding door handle which look great too
  9. Try Mark at MJC imports (or is it MCJ?)
  10. Those jk ones look awfull :(
    Try some cif cream on your originals to see if it brings them up looking better
  11. I want one of these now !

  14. Come on my son - get them fixed

    VW heaters = simple 1930's design

    Cold air from fan blows through pipes over exhaust - these open and close via your shiny plastic heaters connected through wires to the back, where flaps open and close. Hot air (hahaha) goes down 1 pipe under the floor to your cab to mildly warm your toes.

    Simples (as per annoying advert!)

  15. The JK heater levers are truely sh*te. I've seen better mouldings in a christmas cracker.

    Find some old originals...

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