JK Glove Box Kit

Discussion in 'Van Accessories' started by Lazy Andy, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. I bought one of thesea couple of weeks back (to demonstrate I was spending the inlaws vouchers on something visible!).

    Nice glossy finish, good weight of plastic and will no doubt outlast the van...

    One gripe. You have to trim it to fit! There was a moulding line, which was easy to follow, but i'm not convinced that you should have to do this!

    Having trimmed the side and the bottom where the mould line is, the top still doesn't fit well and will need a bit more trimming, which I've resigned to doing when I take the dash out for spraying so i can see around it easier.

    I bought the lid (without lock) too... great fit, look right.... isn't supplied with screws. Had to dig around for some M4's and bolts.

  2. I had the same problem with the glove box liner, in fact I posted a review about this, whcih, surprise surprise never made it live!

    Trimming is the way forward but other than that, the liner itself it great, nice and sturdy!
  3. Can only ditto above comments

    Had to visit B&Q for the screws though, most displeasing!!
  5. Spent last night trying to fit this bloody thing before I found this thread. So you say ive got to trim along the line along the bottom and lower sides?
    How much do you need to take off the top? The top is the bit with the cutouts in isnt it? ;D
  6. I bought one and after 3 attempts at fitting between my husband and the father in law who both gave up, I managed with a bit of pushing and shoving got it to fit fine without needing to trim it.
  7. Took me most of the day to fit but got there in the end. I had to trim around the line to stand a chance of fitting the strap, even then I had to use a screw three times the length to fit the strap
  9. Just fitted my plastic glove box from JK. Cost about £30. I'm very happy with it. Didn't trim it at all, but the strap is now too short so fitted an extra long screw. Took about 10 mins. to fit. It's very strong and looks good. Much better than the card vw one. It's a 9 out off 10 from me.
  10. Thanks for the heads up guy's. i was thinking of getting one. Not now.
  11. Mine fitted fine.
  12. Just had one delivered and I can't even get it through the hole in dash!
  13. Got mine from megabugvw. Fitted a treat.

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