Jalousie window seal

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  1. Hello all.
    Does anyone have a pic of the side profile of the jalousie seal which is the upper most.. So just above the glass panes.

    Many thanks.

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  2. Basically i need this seal..
    Is there a stockist in the u.k for this seal alone[​IMG]

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  3. I am sure I got mine from Just Campers
  4. I csnnot see it on their site

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  5. I am sure I got mine from Just Campers
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  7. I did realise that but you probably cannot buy the seal separately that's why I sent him details of the kit he may also need some window seals who knows.
    I changed that one seal and it can be a b!@$h
    To get out
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  8. I replaced one around one glass louvre. Took me all day, I left the rest!
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  9. I had a similar problem they can be shall we say a little awkward
  10. I was particularly annoyed with myself because earlier in life I spent a few years as a "metal window and door service engineer". Those type gaskets were everywhere on modern aluminium office windows, I fitted a lot of it!
  11. Just goes to show how different VW dubs are you think it is straight forward and snap have your backside goes missing.
    Hope my oil change this weekend is straight forwsrd
  12. It should be . Just remember the half circles of black plastic in the strainer will be valve stem seals. And that the new oil has just the right amount of ZDDP in it..
  13. ZDDP ? Sounds like a new social democratic Eastern European Party

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