Jail bars by Just Kampers

Discussion in 'Van Accessories' started by Birdy, Aug 11, 2011.

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    Jail bars. Just Kampers.
  2. good review :) just one question......what do you suggest as an alternative for the handcuffs?
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    They also have other uses too.

    Trade plate holder.

    VW bubblehead rail.

    Towel rail.
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  5. I concur about the screws, in 2 years they have not improved those, I go as far as saying, you would struggle to get one through your foreskin with a hammer, totally useless.... I ended up snapping one and had to grind it out, luckily they are so soft they grind out easily. I ended up using self drilling self tapping screws from halfords.

    The halfords ones are made from "real" steel, where as the JK ones are made from child friendly play dough :)

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  10. Just fitted a set of these. Slightly disappointed with the quality but for 30 quid can't complain too much. They do look good though IMO
  11. It was me that wrote the JK review and the screws being useless, Just use different screws = no problems
    Nice look for not a deal of dollar
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