I've got a couple new buses for sale

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  1. OH I DO have a 76 westy poptop green project solid bus mostly . It needs restored ,a motor and trans ,good solid builder for a shop or resto, done right for 2500.00usd deliverd to port of Houston.. that's cheap as chips as these buses are commending high high prices finished.. I just do not build type 4 buses..
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  2. Hi John, Do you ship parts? or just whole buses?
  3. that would make them grungy grumpy pants then - hope you have changed them by now.
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    Yes, I'm a happy (non smelly) bear now. :) And I'm very glad that @theovalguy john deitchman sold his buses despite me mucking his for sale thread up.
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  5. Muckity...muck..muck.. no big deal sorry i was to busy to poke the fire..
  6. Nice post John!
    Is there any possibility you could get some parts/cuts for me? I have been in contact via e-mail previously with you over the past few weeks but haven't had a reply for a while. I really need a solid front o/s (RHD) chassis leg from B pillar to end of crows foot, both o/s & n/s A pillar cuts from bottom of step up to mid windshield & inner kick panel. These would all tuck neatly in one of the busses you are importing & collection is now not a problem. Please help @theovalguy john deitchman! I am very needy! Thank you in advance.
    Also I think @Luis Navarro would like some parts from you so get in touch big guy!:thumbsup:
  7. Sorry been swamped trying to get stuff shipped, cutting buses for parts to load to go to busfest, as I have to do this month's in advance, and regular 45 hr work week which has been hell lately.
    I have the whole front half of a bus sitting in norwich. It has every part you have asked for and a good nose and loads of small parts on it also. It's from behind the seats all the front floor and up to lower windshield posts. Price is 450 pounds includes dash and steering box pedals and all that crap under there also.
    I'm leaving to go germany today won't be back for a week, family staying here but they don't know what I'm doing or talking about do there not going yo be able to help. Get ahold of barry at lonestarvw.com he can help you as its at his place.
  8. I've not been a Moderator for years ... no idea who is anymore
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    i know man, i was making a "joke" based on the fact i'd been off a bit myself.
  10. ah - i see ....

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