I've been a very naughty boy today

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by pkrboo, Jun 27, 2019.

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    Didn’t doubt you, my error due to me wrongly interpreting the perspective of the first photo.
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  2. Air filter setup sorted,-ish

    Exhaust back box position sorted. Just have to metal glue it together now.

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    Awesome Matt. As we Discussed yesterday or whenever it was you may need to mod that tailpipe.
    When G had the wbx engine we would foul the mudflap on exiting tricky routes.
    I get you don't have mudflaps..yet...but just try and eye the exit angle from the side and see if it needs trimming
    20240622_120533_YdP1deDi1g.jpeg 20240622_120628_2NKjsLXW9z.jpeg 20240622_120552_DTHih7Hy1a.jpeg 20240622_120542_H8i0yv2r26.jpeg
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