I've been a naughty girl!

Discussion in 'Show Us Your Ride' started by Mrs Busmonkey, Nov 10, 2019.

  1. Happy Monday...Boo...
    IMG_20191118_113154.jpg IMG_20191118_113218.jpg
    But Hunty is on his way with a care package...watch this space;)
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  2. davidoft

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  3. @pkrboo with Hunty stuffed with wheels and tyres!
    George had broken the bead on his flat rear and the spare was less than effective.
    IMG_20191118_115845.jpg IMG_20191118_115856.jpg
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    I’m a little bit worried that yourselves and @pkrboo have gone like those Americans who drive pick ups and hoard food and live off grid :)
  5. So George Doka is getting ready for Elf Day tomorrow.
    The girls in the office at the marina are raising money for Alzheimers and Mrs Monkey has been in an organising frenzy.
    IMG-20191205-WA0010.jpg IMG-20191205-WA0009.jpg
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  7. And if you 'orrible lot help me raise another £30 between you I'll give you a picture of @theBusmonkey in an elf hat ;):D
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  8. It’s ever so green! :)
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  9. We like green :thumbsup:
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  10. VW Escorial Green!
    Named for a 19th century German herbal liqueur. How appropriate...:D:beer:
  11. Green is good!:thumbsup:
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  12. Get that photo done, you hit your target

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  13. It's gotta be worth another tenner surely??? We're talking @theBusmonkey looking festive :eek:
  14. Can you hear banjos?
  15. A massive thank you to everyone who has donated so far.... as promised.....
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  17. Close, but not quite!
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  18. Just letting one go then?
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