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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Poptop2, Nov 11, 2011.

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    I think HF will marry his Tash this year!
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    Malcs right, its all about meeting some great people with the same type of outlook as you, i've been to meets and shows in the past with other clubs and just not felt a part of it but for some reason every TLB meet/show has been a good time, the first time I met malc at a show it was like we'd known each other for ages and just seemed to carry on from where we'd left off from last time, Same with everyone else i've met from here, cant mention you all but you know who you are C:) Sometimes though I look back after returning home and wish I'd talked to so and so a bit more but you cant get round everyone at the same time and to be honest i'm always drunk at shows so maybe they don't want me to, Roll on next year I say
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    You're spot on there Malc!!
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    Sssh we agreed we'd never mention it...
  7. It would be nice just to have a bus on the road and be able to drive places to meet folk! I'm starting to worry that some might think all I've got is an imaginery bus. But it's real and coming along a treat. Get this: the paint job is now 95% complete! I've even started to think about arranging a trailer to take her away and start fitting her back together. Still on target to get everything else finished for March. 2012. How about you Malc? How's your bus progressing?
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  12. Not really big on the shows, been to a couple and couldnt be doing with the shopping precincts. Met some people on here and would definitely like to get into a session round the campfire putting the world to rights and talking codMarmite.
    TLB is a hilarious place, really like the range of personalities and views on here. Not scared of a bit of controversy too, great threads like the ones on racism etc. I like the mix of shallow and depth and when it all gets a bit much just click over to mech and tech for a sanity fix!
    Seriously thinking of doing the winter camp. That sounds like FUN!
  13. well we love you all too.
    bek- although i put a line at marrying any of you .

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