It's more than just the bunting

Discussion in 'Buying a VW Camper' started by Dashdub, Sep 3, 2018.

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    A man after my own heart.
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  2. I cannot fault that. The scenery you come across when sat in a Bay can be stunning, no matter where in the UK. Plan wisely and enjoy :D
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  3. They usually get a little rest and a cool when you Catch up said Audi or BMW in traffic bottleneck
    And they do cool down nicely on tick over even in summer
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    sure they do, up here in the frozen north there are plenty rural roads, completely void of traffic, nothing for miles, then from no where the company rep mobile A4 or managerial BMW is up yer chuff trying to push you on to that magic 60 .. so you pull across tho the verge as much as you dare to avoid hitting potholes or digging into the soft verge.. With a straight road ahead and plenty time for an overtake, the moron behind cant find the brainpower to drop back far enough for a view and make the overtake seamlessly, utilizing the 250 bhp available to them to zip past in a smooth and flowing manoeuvre.. Ive been sat at a steady 50, loosing these idiots on corners and such only to be tooted at as if I should pull over and allow these cretins to pass..

    I use a map, dont have sat nav, infact I dont even have a mobile phone, never seen the need .. so old school is right up my street.. my daily is a 94 Jeep with 200,000 miles on it lol.. I like driving, but these muppets in modern motors get my goat ... everywhere but nowhere, chasing there tails at the speed of light, sorry for the rant ..
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    Didn’t seem like a rant to me, just plain thinking
  6. it was today
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