It's going to be a long journey ...

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  1. Surely a mega squirt with 123 dizzy set up would improve the output and while it's on the bench blueprint and dynamically balance the internals .
    Reckon you could get around 13000 BTU.
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  2. Pfffffttt amateuer :D
  3. Shucks back to the drawing board then..
    Maybe a Wonkel engine could cope.
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  4. It won't go anywhere without those grease nipples changing and a more robust flux capacitor :thumbsup:
  5. :thinking:
  6. Going to leave it alone for a bit now, until the weather improves as I haven't got any space what with the three others on the floor and having to climb on the roof to do any work.
    The missus doesn't know about this one either so I've got to be careful about when I get the ladders out!
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  7. Is it done yet??:D
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  8. See thread title! Nope!!
    Probably five years and then shift across to the "moving house/storage issues mean having to reluctantly sell" section ;)
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  9. :D
  10. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    Oy! Stock height is proper where it's at! :)
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  11. Only if you wear driving gloves with a trilby on the back shelf!;)
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  12. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    Guilty as charged your honour! :)
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  13. Well surprise surprise!
    Six months on and no progress made ...
    Now there's a potential buyer on the loose :thinking:
  14. Buyers everywhere ;)
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  15. It's that classic "sell it and clear some space while receiving cash" Vs "sell it and wallow in your sense of failure, wondering why you thought you'd ever get round to it" ....
  16. Doing takes less time than thinking , hence don’t sit on the toilet and think :D
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  17. Neve expected a big standard reply from the Rubble :)
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  18. Some times it’s the only place I can get a min to gather my thoughts
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