Italjet Pack 2

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  1. Latest edition - Italjet Pack 2 folding scooter.
    Lots of unpleasant plastic and foam, an odd choke mechanism, a right pig to start.

    Typical Italian madness. I love it.


  2. Milky

    Milky Sponsor

    Love these bikes .I have owned a couple of the Pack 2s and an earlier Packaway . They do come up for sale every so often and it wasn't many years ago that they stopped making them . Parts can be a bit tricky and prices high .
  3. I need the chain and clutch side cases, the plastic body is ok, but the seat has a split in it. It was cheap enough to leave in the back of the garage.......
  4. Jack Tatty

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    Is it similar size to those Di Blasi jobs?
  5. Yes, pretty much, but even easier to Pack. It's got a carrying handle if you fancy giving yourself a hernia.

    And I've just snapped the centre stand trying to start it.
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  6. Milky

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    Getting bits in the UK is difficult I got lots of mine from Holland .Points are normally the starting issue. This is the earlier version called the Kit kat . Italjet-Kit-Kat-50-cc-1968_1624658430_4314.jpg

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