It’s time to do the conga in the isles apparently

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  1. :rolleyes::rolleyes:
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  2. Sorry but I think the British are generally stupid or just plain arrogant.
    Although I think the above is absolutely stupid and should e confined To file B1n
    I went shopping in B&Q the other day.
    Lined up 2m distancing, wiped the handle of the trolley, you must have one, waited until I was allowed in and was directed to follow the arrows.
    Turned right in the direction of the arrows and
    The other half of B&Q were walking towards me, reversed up with my trolley to let out the ones that couldn't read a dset off again, turned right to follow the arrows towards the hardware section following the arrows and coming towards me through the No Entry sign the other half of B&Q
    If people cannot or will not follow simple directions what hope do we have.
  3. Is that true? Sounds like a loads of plums to me. What would happen if there was a fire?
  4. This is obviously a spoof story, but shows how gullible some people can be.
  5. Where did you get the story from? I wanted to show my mates. Pleased you saw through it in the end
  6. I did ,I just thought everyone would find it funny , but ....................... so I deleted it like another site did because they didn’t find it funny either
  7. Ha. Sometimes these things are better in person. Unfortunately it will be a while until we can tell a joke down the pub though. :-(
  8. Try the garden centre you will have them in ya hand :D
  9. I thought it was funny. :)
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  10. Ala Cummings.

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