It’s ending in tiers

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by matty, Nov 26, 2020.

  1. We going to be tier 2 with nearby North Somerset being 3.
    Just got to convince the parents and outlaws we can’t see them over Christmas.
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    I've had the Christmas conversation this morning. Fortunately my Dad had already decided it was not sensible so I just had to agree with him.
  3. You filthy tier 2 and 3 lot need to wash your hands more :)
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  4. I think you only stay tier one as you are all related and therefore class as one family! :p
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  5. So parts of Cockney town with highest national infection rates in tier 2 :thinking:
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  6. But that's because cockneys are geezers :thumbsup:
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  7. Must..... resist! :(
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  8. So nothing really changes....tier 3 is lockdown but with gyms and hairdressers.
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  9. Thought he was a brummy?
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  10. So the whole of Norfolk is ok?
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  12. Don’t ask me; I’m not one for broad generalisations!!
  13. See what I did there??? :)
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  14. You wait till Turnip Flu strikes!
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  15. Screenshot 2020-11-26 at 13.27.54.png
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  16. I’m not surprised
    At the end of the day nobody wants to take responsibility for the their own actions
    It’s them we say the great grey they
    But who are’s us and me and you,
    Everywhere it’s you
    me multiplied by

    Daevid Allen
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  17. 127543389_1495258837338049_8944409894225605217_n.jpg
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  19. Not at them ferry prices
    Nipper ;)
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  20. Very good!
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