Isle of Wight campsite recommendations?

Discussion in 'England' started by Bilbo the bus, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. Hi, we're looking for a campsite for a couple of days before VDub Island the week after next. Ideally want one walking distance from the sea, dog friendly and with all the usual facilities (don't need EHU tho).

    Have researched on but wondered if any TLBers had any strong recommendations - or strong negative reviews as well of course.

  2. Thanks - spotted that one and wondered what others thought. Looks excellent, a bit worried about the wind though.
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  4. It's alright I won't be there that weekend
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    Anywhere on the South East and South West coasts will suffer from wind if it is windy, this would include all if not most of the campsites by the sea.
  6. We stayed in a place in freshwater, bit of a walk to the sea.

  7. Thanks, hadnt found this one. Called both those above and seems that, for a Tues/Wed with no EHU you can just turn up so we have some options and it may just depend on how windy it is (fnarr fnarr!)
  8. The Orchards is a fantastic site, with plenty of country walks. The Waverley Park at East Cowes has access direct onto prom / beach .....looks far more commercialised than when I was last there....depends what you want from a site.
  9. We've used one in Newport which is ok, but can't remember what it's called. It's right next to the old railway/cycle track. Although its a certified site, it did have a toilet/shower block
  10. White cliff bay. I'm there now its superb.

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