Islay, via Arran. Beautiful. You should do it!

Discussion in 'Scotland' started by paulcalf, Jun 9, 2016.

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    Saves on the citronella :eek:
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    Of course Islay is beautiful, that's where my people came from. :D
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  3. It's an amazingly beautiful Island.

    We had stunning weather and fantastic wildlife
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    They sent the ugly ones to Australia ?
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    Onto "The List" you go. :mad:
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  6. Just letting you know that this post inspired my two week holiday just completed.. I followed your route although Kintra Farm was closed. An AMAZING trip .. first long trip in my ‘76 Devon.. damned Covid meant a very different 2020, but Arran and Islay are delightful. Thank you for the inspiration!

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  7. Excellent. Glad you enjoyed it.

    If you get chance write up a trip report to inspire others to get out in their buses
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