Islay, via Arran. Beautiful. You should do it!

Discussion in 'Scotland' started by paulcalf, Jun 9, 2016.

  1. Hope you are doing OK health wise now?

    Get the trip done as soon as your able. Even if you decide to sell the bus, do the trip first.

    Would make it easier to sell if you advertise it with some lovely pictures after a successful trip!
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  2. Seal shore campsite is the one on the Southern coast of Arran.

    Our visit to Arran was the result of someone else on tlb saying it was the best route to Islay. Pleases we went the way we did
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  3. Not really en route but definitely worth a visit at some point.

    Scotland is beautiful, especially when you catch the right weather.
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  4. MorkC68

    MorkC68 Administrator

    That's exactly what we have seen so far on various posts / threads etc. We want to make it memorable!
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  5. Go at end of May/early June if possible.

    The later you go the worse the midges.

    Although sticking to the coast also helps blow the midges away.
  6. Yep - all OK now thanks - Excellent idea for a portfolio of travel photos as well as welding ones!
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  7. MorkC68

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    That is our exact plan Paul! We are looking forward to the trip, just got to get Major sorted out :D
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  8. Although not in the camper van we went in April 2008 did a bit of mountain biking and also a walk to the top of Goat Fell, great views from there. Few pictures

    A e.JPG A aa.JPG A a.JPG A c.JPG A b.JPG
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  10. 2008 seems such a long time ago, we chased the good weather from Glentress to Arran to Calander and then to Edinburgh. I'd seen Arran many times from the sea. Most time I spent there was a few months in the area 1995/6 working for a shipbuilder on the Clyde as the navigator for a couple of frigates they had built for the Malaysian Navy.
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  11. thanks @paulcalf for bumping this thread - just looked at your awesome pictures again - what a great trip.

    can't wait for this thing to be over so we can all get out and explore.
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  12. Thanks. I was just sat in the sun on my doorstep also looking at the sunny photos of Scotland.

    Can't wait for the next camper adventure.

    Hoping others post up trip reports to get us all thinking about better times & to inspire thoughts of 'where next'.
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  13. We so miss our trips to Scotland. Every new year for around 5 years, we spent around 2 week's touring the Highlands, wild camping mostly. Had a mix of weather on our trips, from glorious, but cold, sunny days, to blizzards, torrential rain and gales! Remember one night high up in the Highlands where the temperature dropped to -18c! Propex certainly had a workout!

    Cannot beat touring in Scotland whatever time of year. Spectacular views, friendly locals, and quiet roads. Perfect camper territory! Can't believe it's been over 10 years since we were last up there. The west coast, and some of the islands are amazing.

    Here's some photos from our trip down memory lane!
    2009_0102_140335AA.JPG 2009_0104_094503AA.JPG 2009_0102_103616AA.JPG 2009_0102_101353AA.JPG 2008_0104_182410AA.JPG 2009_0102_100940AA.JPG 2007_0104_115148AA.JPG 2008_0107_140602AA.JPG
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  14. Stunning photos.

    We've done 10+ trips to the Highlands and West Coast, in our first Bay, and in each of the T5's.

    Unbelievably beautiful place, can't wait to go back when the new van is finished, although I fear it won't be this year!

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  15. MorkC68

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    Have you got any photo's to share with us, maybe a write up of one of your trips, if you wouldn't mind. Pics, campsite recommendations, pubs etc would be greatly appreciated.

    We are planning a 3 week road trip up there and the more recommendations, the better :thumbsup:
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  16. No probs at all, I'll dig out/ find some of the photos.
  17. MorkC68

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    Nice one, thanks :D
  18. Just booked to go to Lake Menteith next year.

    I've mainly done coastal trips, so hope being inland will be ok on the midge front!

    Fingers crossed for Ospreys and Sea Eagles. Its the place that has been on Spring Watch this week.
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    Great part of Scotland, The Trossachs. Apparently midges can’t fly when wind is greater than 5mph. Do they know that though?
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  20. Wind is usually greater than 5mph near me.

    I'm vegetarian!
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