Is this to cheap?

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by Frannie, Aug 29, 2017.

  1. Sell for what you are happy with.

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  2. Its hard to tell from a few photos mate, there is obviously some grotty bits appearing. Summer is now over so probably about right I reckon.
  3. Depends how bad the bad bits are but sounds cheap to me.
  4. Flakey

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    People who already have one and don't actually want to buy yours will always tell you it's too cheap, also how many of same people have viewed it in person?
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  5. I'd say it was cheap too. We paid £10,500 for Major back in 2011, in comparison
  6. Its a good job I havn't got a spare 10k cause my fleet would probably be growing :)
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  7. I'm not allowed any more buses :(
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  8. It needs new rubbers all round and theres rust under most windows the windscreens the worst the others not so bad, but it is very solid everywhere else and original which is what seems to matter. Does the fact its auto make it rare or something?
  9. Rare yes more expensive maybe not. Some don't like auto in a camper so may hinder the sale for some. It would not put me off tho :thumbsup:
    The rust and amout needed to be done is the main issue but without looking who knows.
    But you should easily get what your asking
  10. Ok cheers might also stick it on eBay with it as a reserve price
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  11. If you put it on ebay mate put a sensible minimum start price ( your minimum you will accept) and no reserve, If there is a reserve a lot of people dont bother. It could be £10k or £20k. I skip items with reserves as there is plenty of other choices without
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  12. Good advice mate
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    Get some pics of the rusty bits up for a
    Realistic appraisal
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  14. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  15. don't speak for everyone ,september is my fav month...:p

    good job on that lower windscreen ,was you drunk?
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  16. Lol it was meant to be very temporary but temporary turned into nearly four years
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  17. I knocked some stairs up so would'nt have to climb ladders to the second floor (then roof) , did them in an afternoon ,they are still the main staircase 12 years later...:D
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  18. Just stuck it on eBay am I allowed to post it on this forum ?

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