is this fuel hose correct for my year tank

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by dickie12, Dec 13, 2011.

  1. just had a look to see if there was any more replys on this, there has been a few
    why do vw heritage list the short one for up to 72 vans when clearly there are vans later than that with the short pipe fitted they must get a few returns on these
  3. You can't blame heritage guys. You need to check what you're buying. There are so many change over parts on these buses like you wouldn't believe. The only way you truly know what will fit is by actually taking the part number of what you've got or by doing a direct visual comparison.
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    These buses make you love and learn when it comes to ordering parts and keeping them alive. Perhaps Camper and Bus should do a but in their KYBA specials :lol:

    With regards to Heritage they do have a good returns policy so you shouldn't have a problem.
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    Where there's blame there's a claim :lol:
  8. ok as long as you didnt think i was blaming you for blaming me for blaming heritage this could go on for days ;D
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    Shall I start the claim??

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