Is this defendable?

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  1. The average life of a new car is around 8 years. My ‘phone is older than that.;) Although I did have to change the battery a couple of weeks ago.
  2. My vehicles must be above average then. 45+ for the bus and 20 plus for the car.

    I've never had a phone that still works properly for more than 4 years.

    I agree with para about fancy electric on cars
  3. Mine fell apart from brand new. Funny enough my son looked at the mot history for it at the weekend. It appears to have been off the road for the past two years. Which I suspect means it went from new to scrap in about fourteen years. Not brilliant for a motor that was knocking on thirty grand when I bought it.
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  4. 0F99C3D8-6008-4CD0-84C3-FE13526535EF.jpeg
    Pictured On Bond movie film set apparently
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  5. Can you get a sheep and it’s lambs in the back, like a real Landrover?

    Chelsea tractors, not fit for purpose.
  6. Maybe in a 110, you can't get a tarts handbag in the back of a 90.
  7. I just got this........doh:eek:
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  8. One of my nephew's works for JLR and drove one of those to Italy for the movie ... Think they're planning on trashing quite a few ... He has to be on hand to maintain one of the ones they won't! Silly money getting spent on it.
  9. Need we ask how you know :p
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  10. Moons

    Moons Moderator

    My team wrote the middleware for that plants there’s a bit of them in each one.

    Except they were all Indian.
  11. You don't see Landies in the outback anymore. It's all Hiluxs.
  12. No comment
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  13. £1bn investment in a plant for a product that used to be ours.
    Wonder if people buy them thinking they are still British?
  14. Moons

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    Slovakia backhanded JLR over £120m and JLR told the workforce it was only Discovery Sports to be built there.

    It’s configured for all Jaguar and Landrover products.

    To be fair, the Defender ceased production a while back, the line closed as it was useless for modern cars and they build other types there. Castle Brom got the electric drive trains.

    Europe stood idly by as Slovakia breached their completion rules.
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  15. Please don't get me started TLB has been politics free haven for a good while now.
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  16. I quite like it- time moves on and the evolution of the old shape one must have run its course in terms of how safe it was and what could be retro fitted to the original in terms of tech that is now compulsory for new cars.

    I wonder if it is bumpy and awkward as funk to drive like it’s forerunner.....
  17. It’s left hand drive...... so No
  18. Read through the info for these and I want one now, quite badly.

    Is it the heritage styling, the off-road capabilities? The adaptable seating or the accessory packs that include a shower/wash down system for muddy boots or labradors?
    Do I need to drive up onto the moors to tend to a Ewe as she struggles to give birth in the early hours of the morning or tow my prize bull to the neighbouring farm to jizz into a bucket and sire a new generation of Sunday roasts?

    No - I have young children, they are messy, the car has a rubber floor lining. Perfect.
  19. I would buy one for this reason! :)
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  20. Moons

    Moons Moderator

    Your choice.

    I wasn’t being political, those are simple facts, well documented on the public domain.
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