Is Soundproofing Worth It?

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by ampthillmob, Apr 27, 2015.

  1. I did my last van with Brown Bread and I've done my current one with the Noisekiller kit. I don't think the difference before and after on either was that dramatic. The doors sound less tinny when you close them, but don't kid yourself that your van will become quiet like a modern car. I also don't like sticking tar backed stuff all over surfaces, as it would be hell if you ever needed to get it off. On my new van I have used this inside double skinned panels, but not on the floor or luggage shelf, where I've just used closed cell foam sandwich matting. I did put it behind (above) the factory sound deadening in the engine bay though, as that is invisible.

    Wind noise from the Westy roof, door seals and engine noise from twin carbs on gauze filters mean it is still pretty loud at speed. I have pondered some form of sound proofed induction system - CSP do one but its really expensive. I keep thinking I should make one myself, but there are always tasks higher up the priority list ...
  2. you tend notice the noise from other sources, when you start to reduce others....sad but true...
  3. Im really interested in a better filter system for twin webers on a type iv motor,as you said the csp one is too expensive.
    Have suggested it to Alex at VWHeritage so maybe something is in the works?.....
  4. I used Dodo mat soundproofing and insulation in our T2. The difference was nothing short of amazing. covered interior floors and sides. Roof still has fibreglass insulation.
    50-60 mph was only just bearable and conversation was shouting, in van almost completely uninsulated from the factory.
    The only 'token' insulation added at the factory seemed to be in engine bay and on the interior engine lid.
    We now have normal level conversation and the noise is still there but at a much lower level.

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