Invite to Renegade Dubbers and friends camp out May ...Norfolk

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  1. hey there

    We are organising a camp out the last weekend in May hopefully at Clippesby Hall just outside Great Yarmouth. We would like to extend the invite to the TLB , seeming four of our members are also TLB and well you guys rock.

    It's not a cheap campsite at 24 pounds a night but a nice one .

    Renegade Dubbers are a very small norfolk group which started as well, we would rock up and being the social butterflies we are would often stand out like a sore thumb so me, @Millie and @Joolz ( hope it s the right Joolz I have tagged) formed Renegade Dubbers along with some of our other friends.

    So my dears if you are interested in joining us for the Friday and Saturday night please comment below.
  2. £24/night - is breakfast included?
  3. I know , I know..... but the tent pegs are gold plated
  4. As long as I get chauffeured there again I'm in. :thumbsup: Maybe that's already included in the price.
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  5. Hi, we would love be to come but are already booked at Dower House - East Harling. Unless of course you want to join us there. It has a pool and pub
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  6. Oh no :( , promised to take Joolz to Clippesy ! Or we would join you !
  7. Join us!
  8. Looks very nice wish we could but a promise is a promise , next time !:)
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  9. @SkutterBob will they allow more of us , the campsite we were going to say they only have two spaces but they would not allow more than two campers in a group anyway ...I blame it on @WoodyLubber I reckon woodland waters have put out an alert ;) ;) ;) , there are five vans want to go ?
  10. @SkutterBob no need as Joolz is on it like a car bonnet @zed this ones cheaper if they will let us !
  11. We are at East Harling from Thursday of half term to the Sunday. They have fixed pitches or open field camp-where-there-is-space
  12. Cheers will have a look
  13. Will be busy
  14. Isn't everywhere now , we are looking at any options ...might be breck far, at this rate :(
  15. Woodylubber

    Woodylubber Obsessive compulsive name changer

    We've just looked at that Dowerhouse campsite website, it looks amazing
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