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  1. Hi @theBusmonkey, thanks for the offer of help. Sorry I couldn’t make it.
    Yes Walter does have the (as Bentley calls it) Breakerless Ignition with Hall sending unit. I haven’t had to tangle with it (yet) thank goodness.
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  2. Thanks @AndyC. Yes, Mplate looks almost identical. As for parts, the one (of the few) that bugs me is my leaky sink tap. I’ve not seen anyone making repros of these.
  3. Hi @Little Nellie , thanks for the welcome. My hydraulic lifters clattered the whole time, no matter how long I’d been driving. I then found that re-filling the ones that where spongy and air locked didn’t work. I assume they were original and just past it. Replacement of all 8 with a new set of Febi’s from Wolfsburg Restos fixed the problem.
    Did you take the fuel tank out to swill it?
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  4. What's leaking? The tap itself? I think many years back (5+) I replaced the rubber o-rings on the tap and it sorted it quite well.

    Unfortunately, I think I knocked the pump wiring at the same time and have never managed (or bothered!) to get it all up and working again.
  5. No just disconnected hose from underneath and flushed through. Probably better to remove, but I had nothing in the filter since
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    Hello and Welcome from The Colonial Contingent :hattip:

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