Introducing myself and Buttercup!

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  1. Hi TLB members,

    My name is Mike, a Chartered Engineer based just north of Birmingham.

    I own a lovely T2 late bay, hence I came here to share stories. I found out about this forum when I met another member @stewart kombi last year just before lockdown.

    Being an engineer, I enjoy doing the fiddly jobs which keep us all busy!

    I've owned "Buttercup" for about 2.5 years and she has been a good lockdown project. In 2020 alone, I completely rebuilt the interior, added subtle improvements like USB charging ports, dimmable warm LED roof lights, remote control underseat lights, 12V sockets, a hidden folding 28" Smart TV (yes really!), 230V Power inverter, digital battery monitors, upgraded stereo and new RCD electric hook up system.

    I replaced all of the interior roof lining too - that was very messy but satisfying and she looks great...

    Also I rebuilt the engine top end in October with new pistons and barrels. I used my friend's powered tail lift to fit the engine! It worked very well. Bodywork is solid so I've just touched up a few panels here and there with colour matched 2K paint and tidied up the engine bay with new tin ware and an LED inspection light.

    Looking forward to sharing stories and tips!

    I've added a few photos :)


    p.s. "@campervanbuttercup" has her own Instagram account with well over 1,000 followers.

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  2. howdy! :)
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  3. bernjb56

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    Welcome along Mike :hattip:
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  4. Hi from Derbyshire, and a CEng :)
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  5. Day


    Hello from the sunny Italian Alps.
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  6. Hello from way down south in the New Forest :)
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    Welcome along!
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    Hello and Welcome from The Colonial Contingent :hattip:
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  9. Hello from sunny North Yorkshire!
  10. Welcome fron sunny Sheffield
  11. Welcome from Halesowen not far from you :)
  12. Hi, I think I follow you on Instagram already
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  13. Welcome from a sunny Notts, good to see you on here!

    As with Dunc ^ we follow one another on Instagram too (markchelu) :hattip:
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  14. Welcome from the frozen and dull North East of Scotland.
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  16. Very tidy indeed!
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  17. Welcome aboard from sunny but freezing Northants:thumbsup:
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  18. Welcome from France.
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  19. Hi from West Lancashire
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  20. Welcome, yellow buses are the best
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