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  1. Hi all, Here’s my ‘74 RHD Devon Eurovette and the story so far.
    Purchased locally from the second owner (same family) in may 2017, the bus had traveled just 8k in the past 20yrs covering just over 37k from new and garaged most of his life. He has 90% original paint and not had any welding to date. The previous owner didn’t like the original Devon interior and decided to change this for a more practical (for they’re needs) layout circa late 80’s. This was very similar to the later Devon trim.

    How we found him and the day of pick up.




    Previous owner Helen


    First trip out with wide smiles


    And first trip away


    Keeping in touch with the PO we received a call to say that they had found some old bits and pieces, this included a near new Harrison drive away awning and portable loo (very handy on a dark night) the owner also told me that they still had some of the original interior including the curtains and cushions. These parts were gathered over the coming months and stored away for a rainy day.

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    Nice find.

    Welcome to the forum
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  3. thank you, any idea why the title keeps changing to Mr Jaffa from Mr jaffa?
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    Yes. The forum has one or two word change quirks. One of the admin team is a weirdo @dog

    You’ll get used to it. :thumbsup:
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  5. Because you can’t use the word jaffa, if you type in jaffa it changes it to Marmite or yellow snow
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  6. Next we
    But it’s Mr jaffa

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  7. I’ll give you another example how it changes swear words and replaces it with another word
    This morning I went for a Tottenham :thumbsup:
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    Mr O’range!
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    Looks like a cracking bus! :thumbsup:
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  11. Next was putting my own stamp on him. First up was getting rid of the spare wheel from the front panel, not as a easy as I thought due to the 4 large holes from the rivbolts plus the original 3 from the 7” emblem. With a little calculation and more luck than judgment I quickly realised that the earlier 10” emblem would cover all 7 holes




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  12. As I said earlier he’s only covered 37k and was on his original Michelin tyres so next up was replacements for safety other then ware reasons.


    Busfest 2017

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  13. sweet looking bus nice to see an original low miler
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  14. Nice find ,do like a Jaffa
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  15. Hello That is a nice van
    I had a L20b coloured one once
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  16. August 2017 and my 50th birthday so I treated myself and Mr O’range to some new suspension along with some other bits and bobs (not everyone’s cup of tea I know).

    A conversation with Paul @ T2D in Cambridge took place and we decided on the following - 3” narrowed beam with adjustable dropped spindle up front and adjustable spring plates out back, Bilstein shocks all round completed the package. While he was there I had them carry out a full health check including break overall and fuel line replacement. I added a set of Cosmic wheels with 185/65 and 155/55 tyres to complete the desired look.



    I must say, he drove well before but 100% better with this setup.
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  17. I’ve always had a vision in my mind of how I want him to look and he’s getting there slowly. From day one I have loved the look of overriders, had them previously on MK1 golfs.. but man, are these things hard to find. 10mths of constant searching and I managed to find a NOS set in the Netherlands for a stupid amount of money but just had to get them.




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  18. Loving your bus.
    Overriders make all the difference in my opinion.
    I spent ages finding a set nos from America.
    Sitting in their box at the moment tho.
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  19. =quality
  20. Out with the old, in with the older.... interior

    Remember that Rainy day? Well it took us until June 2018 to find the remaining interior items required to restore the bus to its original factory Devon Eurovette setup (thanks to Jay @ VW services, Colchester). So with all parts now in store albeit requiring some TLC I contacted good friend and owner Mike Fletcher @ Neuwave Custom conversions in S. Wales for help in restoring and refitting the original interior. I must add that this is not something Mike and his team do for the general public, they’re work is mainly T5, T6 and Crafter conversions so this was a one off favour to me. My brief to Mike was to keep as much of the original pieces as possible and remake what couldn’t be salvaged, the result was/is incredible. We also took this opportunity to add electric utilising the old Electrolux fridge vent hole and replacing it with a Westy hookup, single point and USB. Mike was kind enough to allow me to work at his workshop to take care of the donkey work (cleaning and preparing) plus supervising the overall install.

    Old interior and flooring removed, surplus holes covered and original tiles relayed.




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