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  1. Hi everyone,

    The summer season is finally here and we are planning about where to go with our beloved T2 campervans.
    Some of us will stay in our home country, where others are thinking about going into Europe.

    But, what should you do if you have problems with the bus when you are abroad? In France, the Depanneur (towing company) brings you to the nearest garage, which in most cases has no experience with our aircooled engine.
    On the Dutch baywindow forum ( ) we have this discussion every year again. Therefore I made a Google map in which I (tried to) collect all the Aircooled specialists in Europe.
    You can find the map at the following adress:

    I know I'm not complete with every dealer in every country but it's a good start. I'd sure appreciate it if you would help me update the map and to make our own "dealer network" troughout Europe.

    greetz from the Netherlands:
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  2. here is an polite bump of this topic post ;)

    greetz from the Netherlands
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  3. What a great idea ,cheers ,should be made a sticky in holidays section I reckon :thumbsup:
  4. Thanks for your reply, Hope to keep it up to date (or to expand it even more) with help of you all :)

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