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  1. So I have ordered a split charger and the bus had an extra battery when we bought it, which to be honest I am unsure if suitable or any good (think it's a 063) but will start with that.

    I am now thinking about some additional lighting (inside) and wondered if there were any suggestions? I was looking at the led strips that can be put in a aluminium channel with a cover / diffuser? Possibly along either the sides or ends of the roof opening / pop top?

    What sort of lighting are people using?

  2. Mine came with a small fluorescent strip at the side and rear above the bed area. I have also added the led strip along the sides in the channel below the pop top on a separate switch.
    Although not as good as a leisure battery a normal car battery is fine on the split charger so long as you’re only using it for lighting & tv etc.
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  3. photostudio_1561663143706.jpg I have a warm white LED strip in a channel with a diffuser fixed along my Devon head banger locker just behind the strip of beading. This makes it very discreet so that it doesn't spoil the vintage look of the oak interior. I also put a 12V dimmer up there so it can be adjusted to taste. It works a treat.
    Yes, I know, the dimmer is not so discreet but it seems to fit in well when seen from the front.
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  4. Dazza

    Dazza Eyebrow not high brow

    I’ve run the aluminium extrusion with led strip and opaque diffuser down the full length - both sides , I’ve also added a remote dimmer - it can be as bright ( very bright) and as dim as needed .
    Fits neatly above the aluminium curtain track
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  5. Cheers for the replies.
    Will no doubt get a proper leisure battery at some point.

    Was intended to have a dimmer attached so I can adjust if too bright. The interior is a bit of a work in progress and will not be "vintage" but want to keep things fairly. Subtle. How much light does that strip give? I was thinking of one there and another similar at the other end or one either side running the length of the pop top, would either option give sufficient light?
  6. It is quite bright. I got warm white and ran it down both sides of the ledge under the pop top, It shines upwards into the poptop so you are not directly looking at the led’s. It gives a subtle light :thumbsup: . It’s on the ledge just above the socket in the picture.

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  7. My single strip is enough for us to read by. Plenty bright enough for camping.
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  8. I’ve fitted 2 labcraft aluminium/ led strip lights in mine controlled by a 12v dimmer switch. Gives out plenty of warm white light.
    855BC28A-455B-4D19-A0BD-85A5F99E308C.jpeg 0C38C983-DAB9-42C5-A6D8-6F1A431376D6.jpeg
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  10. definitely go for warm white colour temperature :thumbsup:
  11. Thanks - any thoughts on the ones that can change colour?
  12. Can't see the point. Do you want to stage Les Miserables or just go camping?
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  13. mood lighting for entertaining the laydeees? :D
  14. Moble Pheonix club maybe :beer:
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  15. Will be going for warm white.
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  16. [​IMG] if your in a mood ..... a bit of mood lighting

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  17. This is a really nice layout mate and very similar to what im after when i swap from 3/4 to full width bed.

    Can i ask where you got it from or for any more pics?

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  18. I'm pretty sure @paul2590 built it himself.
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  19. @Lasty - time for you to show off the push on/off led spots that you have!

    Very nice indeed.
  20. Apologies! Bit late [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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