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  1. There are two kits available, depending on your year of bus. See the links at the bottom.

    I have a cross over, so have the early wipers and switch on the dashboard. This has always been a right pain when the UK does its usual not quite full downpour but useless drizzle meaning that I have to keep reaching forward and flicking the switch every few seconds (Matron!) I had tried a universal kit that promised to do the job, but it burnt itself out on first try.

    Then I came across a kit on eBay that was specially designed for an early setup. It connects in line and adds intermittent to the slow speed. Starting at 8 second delay, you can flick the switch to fast and back to slow and it changes the timing to 5 seconds, then 3 seconds and lastly normal slow. You can lengthen the timing by flicking the switch to off then back to slow so reversing the timing from 3 secs > 5secs > 8 secs.

    The kit works out at about £100 from the States including postage and came with all the correct connections and also some tie wraps and heat shrink tubing. Instructions where clear and I had it fitted in about an hour.

    It worked first time and as usual this time of year I didn't have to wait long before a full wet test. It worked well and I am really pleased.

    Don't know about longevity as it has only been fitted a couple of weeks.

    Early version:

    Late bay version:[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Before you ask, I did fit the heat shrink tubing and properly insulated everything.
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    I had looked at these a couple of years ago, the USA market use them for upgrades on their classic cars. I decided against it as I thought that unless the rain was pretty constant you would still need to keep leaning forward to adjust the timing. It is a bit of a faff though. I know Snotty has posted a good solution in the past , Got the relay ( I think) but then never got round to completing the task…..which was/is probably beyond me anyway ! Think his solution was a lot less than £100:)
  4. I liked this kit, because there was no faffing about. It came sealed from damp, had all the correct connections and worked first time.

    I find that most of the time I needed intermittent because for some reason it never seems to fully rain whenever I use the bus :)

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