Interior Dome Light Toggle Switch?

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  1. For an early Wetsy. Anyone replaced these? IMG_20190901_160356~2.jpg
  2. That never began life as an automotive switch. It has mains ratings on it..

    Just a push on / push off switch with a 3 amp rating. replace with whatever fits the faceplate.
  3. Agreed, it's finding one that fits and does the same thing. Farnell have several thousand to choose from. I think may have found one, can I get a second opinion? I'll post a link later, thanks.
  4. Here's the mechanism, it looks like a latching toggle to me, but I am not overly familiar with these micro switches.

    It's M10 which matches the holes in the dome cover, the holes are drilled very close to internal ribs in the plastic dome cover, so I went for a micro switch. A NOS or second hand light is about £70 from the usual suspects.

    I'll post a photo of the cover (lampshade) internals in a bit, so you can see what I mean.


    It will need soldering, the existing ones I have are a mixed bag, each switch is slightly different :confused:

    Here's the full data sheet.

    Bus OK in the NL sell replacements, they claim they are a perfect replacement for the originals, which I doubt I have, however, shipping is 20 Euro on top of 7.50 Euro per switch! 'ow mooch?
  5. IMG_20190904_084502.jpg Thea switches are panel mounted thru the two holes next to the strengthening ribs. Holes are 10mm diameter.
  6. Success :)

    IMG_20191112_191233~2.jpg IMG_20191112_190931~2.jpg
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  7. Taadah

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  9. Could be, they were about the only thing I could find at a sensible price. Looked very similar to this...

    But shipping was extortionate for two switches.

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