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  1. Good afternoon

    I am looking for interesting fresh trouser that will thrill my loins, and accommodate family of five. I look for also trouser press, Corby Mk 2. I anticipate looking at your pleasant informations. Thank you.
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  2. You been smoking sommat.?
  3. The hotel trouser press - I have yet to meet anyone who has ever used one. Right up there with the extendable washing line in the bathroom and the hotel dry cleaning service.
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  4. Count yourself lucky! Many years ago, I spent 2 years working as a field engineer for HP, I once got sent to a distraught customer on a large project who were threatening to pull the plug on the whole deal, 3 days turned into 2 weeks trouble shooting and making them feel better, several items of my limited travel wardrobe had seen so much hotel laundry starch that they developed the ability to stand unaided.
  5. You could follow the lead of fashion icon Lewis Hamilton and decorate your strides with one of your Nan's old net curtains. I shall be rocking this look at the pub this very weekend.[​IMG]

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  6. I am pleasing to hear from you. We have fantostick opertunitty four you. We have today a stock of Rupert Bare trouzers in your fit. Surely won to win look from ladies. Please send $1000 US dollar or Amazon gift cards for lovely purchase. May God be good for you today.
  7. Nice trolleys Lewis :eek:
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    I most pleasing to meat you with your interest in my trouser ,let me have your leg inside size and I must knowing if family sleep in pockets or are you wishing they like there own trouser for two weeks relaxation
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    We are getting this from customer happy with service given
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  10. Out of respect to the recent pasing of this man, the Corby Trouser Press is currently unavailable.
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    We are feeling sorry to cancel your trousers Corby pressings machine ,you have not using correct manor.we telling you more than once pressings machine is not for toasting your sandwich with ham and mustard ,we put big deal of effort to tell you this and you slapping the face of common sense ,
    Happy Christmas from the team at your disposal.
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  12. Das pantilon is gesloschen mit das sausagehousen, haben kilt windpassage
  13. You sure that’s not John Terry?been using a time machine

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  14. Off your trolly Lewis...
  15. Its wierd, despite all those trouser presses supposedly going unused,
    Mr Corby became rich on selling them.
    His son had enough money to play with yachts ..
  16. Gold Flake probably
  17. That's YOUR story
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  18. Found your level, Mike? ;)
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