Interesting bus in Sweden!

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by Clive Neilands, Nov 16, 2013.

  1. Looks ok?
  2. Havent looked at it but the body looks sort of ok,for that amount of money it sure looks interesting for those who want a project.
  3. how much does it cost to ship to uk?
  4. The set of doors in one of the pics in the advert are well priced too, would be interested if I could get them back to the uk:(
  5. I'm sure Jan can help

    @holmsen your assistance is needed :)
  6. Im not sure how much it will cost to ship to the uk? Im not interested in this van just posted it for interest of the good people here,its about a 4 hour drive from me,this van has been sitting for 14 years! Still cheap though!
  7. Very cheap
  8. Just out of interest, he calls it a type 23-517. My van's got the same description. I know what the 23 means but what does 517 refer to?
  9. Not sure why he called it this. ? Probably knows nothing about vw vans,if he did it would not be left out like this for 14 years!
    Sweden is part of the eu so know toll,vat etc.
    Just come and buy it,suggest driving with a car trailer,im 6 hours away but would let anybody stay overnight at my place.need more pics? I can ask
  10. Oops ! His name is Christina! Its a lady,i know what comes to your mind when swedish woman are
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  11. :theforce:
  12. @taipan:
    "517" stands for Westfalia Campers. VW prepared these Busses with the cut and reinforcement for the Westfalia roof before delivering them to Rheda- Wiedenbrück.
  13. Ah, thanks for that:thumbsup:
  14. It does look ok but difficult to tell.
  15. Hi, I emailed the person with the van as I would like to buy it, but they haven't responded.

    Could you help please?
  16. I have called her, but no reply
  17. If anybody does reach her, will you message me as I will travel to collect the bus.
  18. Well,,we are a few up here trying our best to get hold of that bus ourselves
  19. I'm sure we all are! looks good and I fancy a trip to Sweden :thumbsup:

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