Installation of a propex heater

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  1. Hey everyone, can anyone recommend anyone who can fit a propex heater into my van in the Liverpool/ormskirk área?...... and an idea of approximate costs for installation? Want to enjoy the van over winter! TIA
  2. Fit it yourself, take your time it’s Easy to do :thumbsup:
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  3. Hi Barry, if it wasn’t for my 4 year old I would take the risk but need a pro really for peace of mind!
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    I’d rather fit it myself for peace of mind.
  5. Fit it and get a gas fitter to pressure test it :thumbsup:
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  6. What are you fitting it to?
    A gas canister or a built in gas tank?
  7. Will be a gas canister Andy - to be honest I’m not that handy and it would mean cutting vents etc into the side of the Alu panels on my autovílla so would prefer someone who knows what they are doing, to do it.
  8. Someone might correct me, but as far as I know, people generally have the gas canister INSIDE the bus. So there's no cutting involved. It's literally just getting a piece of gas hose, and connecting it to the propex and the regulator on the gask bottle.

    You will, however, need an adaptor for the Propex, as they are designed to be used with solid copper gas lines.
  9. This ^ just leak spray your joints after installation and follow instructions for exhaust and supply distances etc
  10. This ^ :lol:

    Bit of washing up liquid and water in a spray bottle, spray both joins, and make sure it doesn't bubble. Job done! :)
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  11. yeah.....back to my 4 year old! he is too precious! If anyone knows of anyone in the North West that can do let me know! Cheers
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  12. Fair enough! How do you think the so called pro's will test it??

    Propane and butane are all heavier than air so a drop out hole is required hence no build of flammable gasses
  13. You need holes for the combustion inlet air and exhaust.
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    Just a good quality 25mm tank cutter Matt. Two holes and it’s done, but if the guy isn’t confident or handy, then maybe it’s best to pay someone!
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  15. Ah yeh, course. Forgot about that
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