Indicators not working

Discussion in 'Hants' started by karen.baz, Jul 20, 2019.

  1. We've just started up our van and the indicators are not working. The light is coming on, in the dash but no clicking sounds. The lights are not coming on physically outside the van. Please help if you can. Thanks

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  2. Check the fuse box, are any of the fuses blown?
  3. and whilst your checking the fuses, push all the relays back into the fuse box in case one has rattled loose
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  4. Sticky relay .
    Give it a tap or remove and strip if you`ve got half an hour to kill ....

    Easy option is to just buy another :D

  5. I have had 2 bulbs not working on indicators recently -bulbs were OK - turned out to be a bad earth on rear one - unscrewed earth wire and cleaned up with wire brush. Front one was corrosion inside socket - rolled up small piece of emery cloth and turned round inside and that cleared the fault.
  6. Just put a BMW badge on it
  7. Do the hazards work
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  8. Yes no yes no yes no yes no
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  9. Hi all,, all ok now. We checked the relays, took them out and out them back. All working fine. Thanks so much for your help

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