Indicators converted to spots

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  1. I had some custom headlights made years ago by which have indicators incorporated so I thought I’d use the original indicators as spots. The spot lights are some mega cheap units from amazon which are small enough to fit into the existing indicator housing. I just had to unbolt one side of the units to get them in. I’m a bit worried they might get hot but as long as I don’t leave them on for hours I’m sure they’ll be ok.

    leds: Nilight 2PCS 18W 1260lm Spot...

    There’s a bit of a delay but like it. What you think?

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  2. Nice! I like it!

    How are they wired?

    Also, do you you mind giving more details on your custom headlights? Are they a bolt on replacement? I'm looking at upgrading mine and this might be a good option!
  3. They look cool, like daytime running lights.
  4. US buses have that feature as standard.

    The indicator bases have two bulb mounts which house the main indicator bulb and a second, smaller bulb for the sidelight function.

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  5. no idea how I found this guy (Brian @ but he bought some VW headlamps and designed and built them. It’s a complete unit. The wiring is vast on mine but I think there are easier ways these days. I’m tempted to buy some standard headlamps and buy halos from amazon and give it a go.

    I actually got jj’s VW Audi in Wigan to wire them up to the existing full beam switch

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