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  1. Hi, im Rocket Ron, I used to run Vw Endangered Species, restoration shop for full on rebuilds.
    I've read a lot a views on what people should do when they want a van but have not the slightest idea what to look for.
    Ill make this clear from the off, I didn't sell vans, I decided long ago to avoid going down this route as it's all to easy to let the pound signs get in the way of sound advice.
    My way of dealing with it was I'd offer my service at a cost to view whatever van they wanted me to view if they may be intending to buy it.
    Id inform them of what had been done, how well it had been done, what would need to be done, and how much it would cost, id not comment of the sellers price, it's up to them what they ask, it's up to me to determine if it's right for my customer.
    It worked well, I'm surprised no one offers this service here, or perhaps they do.
    It's very easy to see the shinny paint and nice interior but forget about underneath, rose tinted glasses pulled fully down, money changes hands and off home.
    In my honest opinion for what it's worth, the days of finding a fairly good RHD van today are very few and even farther afield, I'd always advise them to Buy the T4, it's a know brainer, it gets you into the scene and onto the road, minimal rust, very reliable and today have a good following.
    Anyone, like many on here, of you have skills then fine, if you have none, then except it, or learn, it takes time and commitment to see through such a big vehicle, I know which I'd choose.
    This is not the be all of what's right to do, just sound advice from someone who has seen first hand the horrors lurking underneath some ones pride and joy they have just spent a few bob on..........
    Hope I've not affended anyone in my views, please feel free to comment.
    Ps....before and after.......


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  2. jivedubbin

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    what ho Ron .Do you intend to carry on offering your services to prospective purchase's,or are you re living the old days
  3. If someone has their heart set on a Bay or Split then a T4 isn't going to suffice. In my eyes it isn't a NO Brainer. Are you still offering your viewing services as it reads that is something you used to do?
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  4. davidoft

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    I've always offered viewing inspections but most people are to impatient or learn enough from the first van I look
    at for them that they have a good enough idea to filter out the chaff
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    I just seen the best van ever on Ebay, located darn sarf, LHD UK reg eary bay with 2ltr fitted all on the road never welded solid as a rock slightly faded original paint and a half decent interior ,, I was surprised at the buy it now 8k or near offer, just looked right.. If I was on the hunt for another I would have jumped on that one...

    I would definitely never consider restoring another, they are not the easiest vehicles to restore.. and are getting pretty expensive for parts
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  6. I'd advise you to get a proper exhaust

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  7. In answer to you Jivedubbon, I haven't considered it but if I was asked, yes maybe, if it help stop people falling into the age old trap of thinking it's just a bit of rust only to find out it's just a bit more, and more...
    As Davidoft says, and I have experienced, you give them sound advice but still they go and buy it......then they bring it to you with a sad old face, a tear in there eye when the MOT comes around as say can you help !!!!!!
    There are some very clever, skilled people out there who CAN do it, but won't do it for a living, they have more sense....
    I do view the restos on here and I'm amazed at the level of commitment you guys show, it's a long old haul to get a reck back from the dead...period.
    If I'm allowed to by the moderators on here then I'd offer my contact details to those needing help, but only if I get the ok from the moderators as I'm only a sponsor.
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  8. Baysearcher

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    That's fine @67bay; its what sponsorship is for!
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  9. Well there you go........
  10. thing is , if you recommend a bay is good ,charge them money and then the engine stops ,would they not blame you?

    I did a van for the mot in the early days ,after they collected it ,10 minutes later I got a phone call ,we are stuck we cannot get any gears ,went out and the plate had shifted (not me) ,2 hours later they phoned ,said they could'nt light the hob..:D

    I decided to turn my phone off ,next morning I looked ,i had 26 missed calls ,apparently the van would'nt start ....

    I have seen a couple that have been AA inspected ,rust buckets :D

    You probably could only recommend an import....:hattip:
  11. I guess my experience is more on the rust side as this is the most devastating aspect of any van, yes I get your point and it's true, I've even fitted new engines for it to go bang.
    It's a hard one to nail down but things like the interior can be fixed fairly cheeply and although not cheep an engine can be done with mates I guess, welding, and welding done well is a hard thing to do, especially if it's covered in underseal and difficult to see the state of the welding allready done.
    Let's face it, the biggest bug bear on any van is the structure of the body, if thats so shot to some it's just worth a bodge,get an MOT and pass it which point along comes Mr Rose Tinted Glasses.......
    An import as I've found is not what the lady wants, only RHD will do, any from down under now are up there with the best in price, many of both sexes will buy a LHD and as far as rust goes, 9 times out ot 10 it's very nearly if not totally rust free but, if it's from a dry state then so is everything else, dry and cracked.
    I'd say import most times just because the chassis and body is sound, like I said, the rest is fairly easy to do.
    Today you can get a LHD to RHD conversion so if the funds are available then the best option is available to get the desired result and a very good chance of no welding, no rust and many happy days ahead.
    The other side to all this is the age of the guys wanting to get a bus now, I forget I've been doing this for nearly 30 years and as they goes on.
    Good hunting..
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  12. Would love to find someone to view a van for me in Hants / Sussex area. If you feel you can offer me a service on viewings then let me know.
  13. davidoft

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    I’m near Portsmouth and can offer the service where’s the van ? Or pm
    Me a link to the add

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