FOR SALE Incomplete panel van

Discussion in 'Late Bay Parts Classifieds' started by Milky, Mar 24, 2020.

  1. 20200324_125350.jpg 20200324_125350.jpg 20200324_125350.jpg 20200324_125402.jpg 20200324_125345.jpg 20200324_125411.jpg 20200324_125334.jpg 20200324_125334.jpg Sadly for sale again as the buyer could not complete due to current situation.It's a 73 tintop panel van that has had the windows cut in it.Incomplete with no engine but does have a gearbox ,driveshafts ,very good front beam,had a new front panel ,seat tubs and arches years ago but never finished.Roof is excellent but vehicle is probably best for spares .Priced to sell is £800 ono and as long as payment is made bus can sit for up to 3 months before collection.
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  2. Where is it please?
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  3. Henley on Thames
  4. No takers !?Will accept £700 if that helps ?
  5. You know you need it ....

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  6. I tried to pass it onto someone but he was skint, so might I be after this is all over. I keep thinking about it but it would cost me too much to go and get it !!
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  7. Where are you located ?
  8. Isle of Wight
  9. Sorry bit too much water for me to consider delivering .
  10. Any v5 with it
  11. Yes full V5 but preliminary sold but things could change with current situation.

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