In or Out

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In or Out

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  1. The question we should be asking is why so many politicians of all persuasions are pro staying in Europe.
    Could it be that once unable to untangle our country's finances from Europe, the actual financial mess the UK is in will become stark and we will know who to blame - politicians over the last 30 years. They have raided everyone's pensions, sold our heritage and services to the highest bidder reduced the electorate to the "UK's" workforce, yet many are working for foreign companies that rake out huge tax free profits underpinned by UK tax payers propping up their worker's pay... and on and on.
    Brexit isn't the answer, revolution is. We've been done, we're skint and there is nothing left to sell. Even the future has been sold to the highest bidder.
  2. Since when did the EU have any effect on our personal decisions to buy Japanese cars and radios in the 70s followed by Korean, Taiwanese and Chinese imports. We all made those decisions based on cost and quality, not the Government or the EU. Will we all suddenly decide to change and buy British because we leave the EU? The OUT lobby want to tell us to trade with the rest of the world, not Europe, which we already do! The Germans, in the centre of Europe, already export more to ex Commonwealth countries than us, being in Europe isn't holding them back.
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  3. How about looking at the OUT proponents and their views. So far it's the Right of the Tory party (with Boris undecided about which choice will help him to get to be PM next), UKIP and George Galloway. I think I know which group I would rather not be seen with.
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    It the lefts ingrained default response even when the argument is lost, It was lost a few years back by this bloke, What's his name again :thinking:

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    If wanting to get a grip on completely uncontrolled immigration is racist, then I'm a big fat racist.
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  6. Here here
  7. OUT !
    Should be a giggle , what could to wrong ,
    If we vote out , would we stop sending money the very next day ?
  8. simple qusetion i want to know is
    How much money do we put in and how much do we get back
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  9. How is it uncontrolled though Doug. There's a big camp full at Calais who want over here. Surely they'd be here now if it was uncontrolled. I agree you cant let everyone in who wants in but if you believe the blatant scaremongering of some sections of our media, the floodgates are already open. Remember when Bulgaria came into the EU a few years back, the Mail, Express, Sun etc wasted no time saying there was going to be a mass influx of Bulgarians? Never happened. I heard Ian Duncan Smith on R4 this arvo doing his own bit of scaremongering, saying Paris style attack more likely if we remain IN. No idea what he bases that on. Presumably we have jihadists in UK already, are they imported or home grown? I'm pretty certain IDS doesn't know.
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  10. Don't we currently put in £55 million per day, give or take a few coppers?
  11. This was as reported in the GUARDIAN as said by one of the cabinet who are supporting the leave campaign this morning "And he tempts potential supporters with the prospect of taking back the net £8.5bn contribution made by the UK to the EU every year, suggesting that “the money which is squandered on grand parliamentary buildings and bureaucratic follies” could better be invested in “science and technology, schools and apprenticeships”.

    “We are the world’s fifth largest economy, with the best armed forces of any nation, more Nobel prizes than any European country and more world-leading universities than any European country.

    “Our economy is more dynamic than the eurozone, we have the most attractive capital city on the globe, the greatest ‘soft power’ and global influence of any state, and a leadership role in Nato and the UN. Are we really too small, too weak and too powerless to make a success of self-rule?”
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    If we vote OUT the government would tell us that they're listening to us and we've said we don't want to stay in the EU under the current they'd go and fiddle with some agreements and get us to vote again.
    Either that or they'd say that our OUT vote means we want out but still remain as close trading partners which means we have to abide by EU rules on immigration.
    Basically if we have the nerve to vote the "wrong" way the politicians will endeavour to twist it to get what they wanted all along.
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  14. The problem is that it is rather simplistic to suggest that if we leave the EU we'll suddenly have £8.5bn to spend. The reality isn't going to be like this. We'll still need to trade with the EU, and therefore the first thing that will need to be done is open negotiations into our trade agreement with the EU. To suggest that isn't going to cost us would be rather naive - we would after all be the first country to have ever left the EU, in a situation where the EU's ongoing agenda has been to attract new members since we joined in the 1970's. Out does not mean out, it would mean a difference in our relations, but its unlikely to be much less costly. Look at the countries currently occupying the EEA, the European Economic Area, Norway, Iceland, etc. They still pay considerably for this privilege.
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  15. The ONS also seems to show a greater influx of non EU citizens.Good thing or bad thing? I don't know. Depends which employment sectors they are working in. Unemployment isn't on the increase apparently. Maybe we shouldn't make such a big thing of immigration?
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  16. Boris is in the out camp
  17. Seems likely, but I thought he wasn't going to announce this til tomorrow? Leak I suppose.
  18. With a bit of luck it'll turn into a big fat vote against politicians in general with the electorate spotting that they can rid themselves of a bunch of them in one go. That certainly appeals greatly to me.
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