Importing a RHD from South Africa

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  1. Has anyone had any experience of companies in South Africa to source and import a RHD bus?
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    From what I've heard you only do it if you know someone there...
  3. @Majorhangover has also done it.
    Relatively simple this end, it's finding someone that end that you can trust.
    Shipping wise you can container it, about £2500 IIRC or, if it's driveable then RO-RO it for about £1800 out of Durban, takes about three weeks.
    The Rand is fooked so buses are even cheaper than before but most of the usual suspects have realised and are draining the country as we speak.
    This is Freddie.......

    He cost less than £5k all in including purchase, shipping, taxes, MOT etc.
    Get an Agent to take care of the paperwork this end, it'll cost you £250 but you'll save double that when they get you 'Historic Status' and therefore NIL tax.
    If you're going over there then it's much more fun to buy a Bus, drive it to Port and have a Safari/Adventure on the way.

    Finally, make sure the dealer that end is TRUSTWORTHY, I have spoken to a number of people who've cheerfully wired a few thousand quid only to receive nothing more than rejected emails.
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  4. I got my crew cab from a guy called Garry Connacher who usually has some stuff on car & classic web site, if you want I can dig out his email add. As tbr says make sure!!! At this moment I wouldn't give up on the home market as there seems to be allot of nice vans for sale at good prices

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    I spoke to a mate who owns a garage earlier and he said the rotten stuff at Volksworld Show was £18k+!
  6. That's dealers for you!!!
  7. I was tempted to get a South African bus due to them being RHD, but don't forget a lot of these buses would have been poorly maintained since trade sanctions would have prevented spare parts being available to maintain them over the years.
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  8. My bus is from South Africa, be careful mine was not as described when it turned up and has taken 2 years and £6000 just to get it to MOT standard and to register it. The importers were in Enniskillen in Ireland and they didn't tell NOVA they had imported it so all sorts of problems with DVLA.

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  9. Jurgy came from out there and it couldn't have been easier, Jenny at Frost brothers did everything from picking it up to storing it to delivering it to the docks and arranging the shipping. Is all I did was part with money and sort out the bits this end.

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    I've dealt with Garry a few times now - definitely an honest and upfront person to deal with. If you're buying a car he's got advertised then he'll email you a wealth of pics with all the good, bad, and ugly. If you find a car on Gumtree SA, or similar, then he can arrange to have it checked out, make sure the seller is kosher, and do all the arrangements at his side for the shipping and export (he charges a fee for all this, obviously, but it's well worth it for his time and experience).

    If you're buying from SA then it's worth taking into consideration where abouts in the country they are - inland buses generally fair better body wise, coastal buses may not be much better than a uk example. Also, whilst you may be benefitting from less rot, expect an impending overhaul of anything that moves - there aren't the MOT restrictions to contend with over there (which also leads me to any 'welding' - it would appear that pop rivets are a standard equivalent :confused:)

    If you want Garry's contact details and Jacosmotor doesn't have it, let me know :thumbsup:

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