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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by fletch, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. its that time of year again kangaroo winkys for dinner or a bit of crocs bum for desert mm love it or hate we love it cant wait to see mrs fletch bring her supper up ;D lol
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    yay, i don't do any of them reality shows bar this one, can't wait - i love it.
  4. lol :eek: cant wait to see whats on menu this year and cant wait for shower scenes (women) that is ;)
  5. Love this too...always entertaining and just a good laugh...
  6. Brilliant show, I wonder who the British public will pick on this year. It will take alot to top Jillian and her fainting ;D
  7. we're all set for this too...all of us look forward to this.

    Whats Freddie Starr gonna get up to?
  8. thats the 1 im really lookin forward to watchin lol 8)
  9. :hattip:
  10. just saw a bit as I was changing the channel.

    these people are idiots - the parachuted out of a helicopter and all of them kept saying ' it was amazing jumping out of that plane '

    i wont be watching any of these ...
  11. I reckon Fatima will win it.
  12. do you no i thourt this was a bloke :eek: freddie starr to win if he makes it out of hospital :thinking: i was gaggin watchin him eat all that last nite crazy fool mr fletch enjoyed watchin jess do her task mm i think she,s fat >:D
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  14. The wife caught me in bed with Fatima Whitbread. I said #2It's not what you think love"
    She said "what is it then?"
    I said "It's a woman!"
  15. I'm sick & tired of all those Fatima Whitbread Jokes! For gods sake that's someones son!

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