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  1. Sorry to hear your bad news. We are nearby in loches with our van broken down in a garage in Tours. Will keep a look out.
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    Where's your 'Broken down in France' thread?
    Hope you get sorted quickly :thumbsup:
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  3. yes ,wrong fuel?
  4. Ha! Broken down again in France! We are not having much luck but we are getting (v)an education . The van was running pretty well before we left an all the way down to the Alps. We even got near the 25mpg on several occasions but thing things have started to deteriorate with 18-20mpg typical and a few 14mpg at Euro 1.50-1.66 a litre...ouch. We got over the hot brakes = no bakes issue (thanks latebayers!) but cant change the fluid until we get home as bleed valves non-existent but its not a problem currently. We had an (expensive) new coil in Tours but the engine is still intermittently running/starting dog rough. I have had to return to work (after 2 weeks travels) and left Mrs H and the kids doing their best for the next 18 days. No sooner had I checked in to the Airport at nantes to fly home and she had a got a puncture! She struggled starting this morning and has made in to Nevez (on the NW coast) for the next 4 days then on to Rennes for a few nights...I can't remember where next...Having read the various threads I am convinced its a valve problem which will have to wait to until we get home. We had a new set of sparks & dizzy cap before we left for france. Before the coil fault was diagnosed I changed the front 2 plugs (no extension for my ratchet to check back plugs...one of several mistakes!) and could see right side plug weathered compared to other side. Checking ignition leads after limping in to Puy du Fou (worth a visit!) on Saturday I spotted the back lead loose and resting on spark plug - the small connector to the top of the plug missing...hmmm...quickly sorted but don't remember it being like that before Frenchy had the van (!) and that's not the sort of thing that can fall off. Anyway, rectifying the lead connection did not improve on the rough running/misfire. Everything crossed the van makes it back to uk. RAC thread to follow!
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  5. have you changed the little condenser and double checked /changed the points? Find somewhere pitch black at night to drive to, turn off the lights, open the engine lid. I did this on mine years ago, and it was like Frankenstiens workshop.
  6. The last post was 8 months old. I always suggest trying these google maps links.

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  7. Ah! ok, hopefully they made it home then.
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