If you have an EV or a lithium battery energy storage system..

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    If you have a thermal runaway from a maybe unlikely fault..

    Be very aware that not much can be done to put the fire out and the smoke can kill or permanently disable you, unlike petrol , diesel or LPG..

    Be very wary of underground car parks with EV chargers..

    The advice is to get out , stay clear and dont try to drive past the burning Tesla...and go up wind.

    As John says in the video, we need public awareness campaigns about bringing these potential chemical disasters into our lives.

    There is a massive safety advantage to using fuels that are binary chemical compounds where withholding one compound stops the energy production.

    This is one reason why I believe EVs as currently being pushed will turn out to be a false start and that internal combustion vehicles will remain .
  2. I was a bit windy taking a big Li-ion pack with dodgy "improved" wiring out of an eBike. My mate's sensible advice: "first step, look for somewhere to throw it when it catches fire...'cos you ain't going to be putting it out"

    Folk stick these things on charge in the hallway, then go off to bed :eek:
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  3. PS I agree with the last sentence. Electric motors in cars are great mechanically, but IMHO no other aspect of EVs makes any sense at all.
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  4. As an industry insider once said..

    "There are two types of battery factory, those that have had a fire, and those that will have a fire."
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  5. And mobile phones..!
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  6. Fire is an issue discussed 3-5 years ago -
    today German car clubs and fire department have more experience with it, know how to extinguish it and statistics show that e-cars have not more fires than others.
    Battery technology has also evolved - even if many things are lumped together with first lithium batteries. Some are hoping for the next generation of solid-state batteries to drastically reduce the issue again.

    Our air-cooled ones burn much more often due to insufficient maintenance, outdated fuel hoses and carburetor gaskets and new fuel compositions.
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    This is the issue, sorting out the facts in a balanced way. I don’t own an EV but taking Mike’s initial vid on its own merits you’d never own one. I’d want to look at a number of up to date sources before making my mind up :thumbsup:
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    ... although I'm now happier to charge ours outdoors, even if that DOES mean digging a 6" diameter hole and filling it with Marconite + cement around a dedicated ground spike to make absolutely sure no one takes a 400v hit of DC to earth in the event of a DC fault getting through the various monitoring/breaking gizmos :confused:
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  9. MorkC68

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    I'll take a replacement Tesla battery pack at £26K (yes £26,000)!
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  10. Moons

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    Genuine question - what is a solid state battery - is that a dry cell?

    Am curious to know how they aren't sold state now - or do they mean the coolant?
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    You could always get one of those fabulous but flawed first gen Honda Insights instead, get a new battery for that, and have 13k to 15k left over for that cruise to Barnsley
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    Don’t need one, I’ve got a Ioniq which is spot on for my needs.
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    Not much use for that Tesla battery then either :thumbsup:
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    My son Harrison’s Samsung lit itself on his bedside table. My youngest son smelt the smoke,luckily. F46B2B8F-6037-40DE-9BB3-B1309A8F7C08.jpeg F0AB63D5-BCDC-4DB4-9887-652035F0CDC2.jpeg
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    IIRC Samsung had one model that did that a lot.
    We never charge phones overnight, or unattended :confused:
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    I think they only ever did it once….
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