If I hear anybody else go on about V Festival!!!!!!!!!!! Rant warning

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Stan, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. I know festivals are the 'in thing' but please!!! :mad:

    I listen to Radio 6 all the time and every other person on there either guest or presenter just drops it into conversation 'oh I just got back from the V festival or T in the park, or Glastonbury !!'
    Will it make them a clever interesting person to speak to ............erm.........no! Boring!

    I understna there is no money in selling music CD's/downloads anymore and its all about ticket sales in festivals which probably explains why there are apparently 700 a year in this country - surely this cant be sustainable?Bit like the myriad of VW shows I suppose?

    My fave comment recently was Nick Frost presenting 'Month of Sundays' show a few weekends ago - 'I saw Warpaint at Glastonbury........ I never go to Glastonbury but I saw them on the telly
    ! 'Class! ;D

    Sorry to rant very tired been up since 04:00 - little one not well ! :-[

    ...................Just got back from the rustheap on drive festival! ;)
  2. it's all part of the music industry - you can't ignore it.

    festivals are big money - but without them a lot of artists would not be able to get coverage or grow.
    people on the radio talk about them as it's part of their job.

    no different to some one who works at just kampers saying 'i just got back from volks world' etc ..
  4. money making circus.....glastonballs is the worst of them all with hop farm coming 2nd for prices ...humbugging man
  5. Never been not interested in going..............sure it is 'AMAZING' (over used word after 'EPIC') sorry..... ;o)
  6. :eek:
  8. dog


    i just got back from V festival on monday and it was smashing ;)
  9. I got stuck in v festival traffic does that count ;-)
  10. When I first met Shell many many moons ago we used to go to V evrey year!! ;D I loved every minute of it its a proper festy, from lobbing voddy over the fence and chasing around after the security to get it back to hiding bottles in my pants and them slipping out only to be chased by security into the crowd!! :-[ :-[

    We always did and still do festivals and they are the best epiclyamazingness!!!

    Glasto we still do and can take kids too so still get the fun we used to as a young couple so each festival has its place and everyone enjoys them for what they are.. ;)

    Everytime i go to one (even though I see the bands less and the circus more) I still love the excitement that it gives and the fact it gets us back a little to when we first met! ::) AND that is what relationships are about if you go for the long term!!

    Dont get upset about peoples enjoyment about festivals just let them enjoy the reasons why they do it and be happy watching them go in and have fun... each one happy for their own special reasons!!

    Then try it for yourself!!! I was 28 when I met Shell and went to Glasto for the first time... And it does change your life!

    Unless you try it you will never know!! :-[ :-[

    By the way DOG how was V this year???
  11. Owwww what a nice story Magic Trevor .

    I dont get upset about 'normal people' going to festivals I just get annoyed about 'TV/Radio' presenters, celebs name dropping it to appear as though they is cool innit! Suppose its like Marowak said its the industry but it just gets soooooooo boring hearing them going on and on and on and on about it! Just not Epic ! ;o)
  12. I just got of the phone to Obama and he said how much he enjoyed the G20 summit. Nob.
  13. dog


  14. Never been to download. :-[ :-[ :-[ Bit hardcore for me. used to love V but we were always at weston park. went back this year for camperjam and had no idea here they fitted the stage in there?? :-[ :-[ maybee i was a little tipsy??? ::) ::)
  16. I couldn't agree with you more, we just love going to V.

    I have to admit it made me chuckle the bit about throwing drink over the fence and hiding it down your pants brings back happy memories of being young and reckless at V :)


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