I know it's been covered, but I'm very keen on doing a Scooby conversion. Is that better?

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    i wonder if mine reads high due to the gauge mine allways reads 100 plus but it allways as from day one

    im going to thrash its arse in the next few days down the m5 towing me trailer
  2. kev


    i was told i didnt need a gearbox mount so i didnt fit one {i got this info from rjes}

    i had to cut a little bit out for the starter motor to fiit
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  3. A I understand it If you go for the adaptor plate route (fellows etc) mods aren't required, I assume the engine is pushed back by the thickness of the spacer and clears?
    If you have gone for the RJES Bell housing , I did ask Richard a few questions and he did'nt consider the late upper enginer bracket to be absolutey necessary for smaller subaru engine sizes 2.0L or under
    Some triming in the area of the upper bracket is likely
    Reversing coolant manifold is not applicable for late bay (I think the hose just comes out where the mount is)

    I did look into this and copied a before and after image ( not mine) to aid my understanding. see below.
    RJES Mounts b4 after.jpg
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  4. Thanks for the pics

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