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Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by vinnyboy, Sep 13, 2019.

  1. fitting cv boots. Just replaced one on the bus. Every tool I own and my tool box is covered in black cv grease. Rubber glove split so left hand covered as well. Fitted a Fibi Bilstien one from jk. Looks like a nice quality kit but time will tell.
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  2. Try it when it's - 6, working ont drive, and you're all thumbs and your balls keep dropping out, and you've got the first MOT slot next morning, AND it's the first time you've done it. Six hours it took, finished half an hour after midnight.
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  3. Don’t go to Barry’s special club if you don’t like rubber gloves and your tool and box covered in grease. That’s just a std sat night for bazza after a Chelsea home game.
  4. I must be doing it wrong as I've missed this step!
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  5. Dubs

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    I'm with you on that! However hard I try, I end up with grease everywhere.. and then the phone starts ringing, so you end up with a greasy phone, followed by a greasy ear...
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  6. Six months and it will be split.

    I hate dropping the CV joint and all the ball bearings..
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  7. I hope not but probably.

    One of my beetle joints fell apart. What a pain.
  8. Once they’ve dropped it’s very hard to get them back in
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  9. Did mine a while back.
    T’was exactly as you said. A month later and everything is still covered in grease.
    I found it strangely therapeutic though and won’t be put off doing them again when the new boots fail.
    Hopefully not too soon though!
    There must be an easier and better design to be found?
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