I got me a wife....Wedding/Honeymoon in Scotland

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  1. Been trying to retrive some photos off an old computerand found a few. We got married in April 2009 before we had got our own bus. We were looking for one and wanted to use it for our wedding but didnt want to rush and buy a turkey (its better to buy a turkey at your leisure!) So we decided to hire a camper and we picked Dylan. He was a star for the two weeks. However this was before we were aware of the subtle nuances of VWs.....so we werent concious at the time of things like the ugly Brazzy wing mirrors!!
    Anyways heres some snappys.........
    Heres Dylan
    The wedding was at a place called The Lodge at Loch Goil in Scotland. Remember the Flake advert....foxy lady in the bath eating said Flake.....this is where it was shot. If you looking for the BEST wedding venue, go there!
    The tree house next to the loch
    Up a big hill the day after
    Mull of Kintyre lookung moody
    Top of Ben Lomond
    The queens swan just after it delivered her wedding message
    My (then) new missus and my lucky self
    Hmmm abit gay
    Things deteriorated fairly quickly....
  2. nice photos ,specially the knife one... :lol:

    congrats and karma... 8)
  3. Now that looks like a day to remember - Scotland and no rain!!
  4. Nice pics
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    belated congrats ...great pics! We are thinking of marrying in Scotland!!
  6. Thanks guys! The weather on the day was great, the rest of the time not so good! While on Mull of Kintyre there was a huge storm (surprise) we had to get out in the middle of the night and put the poptop down before it left us! Delilah i cant recommend The lodge enough. Check out www.thelodge-scotland.com and be persuaded
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    :) happy pics
  9. If you want to know anyting about the place feel free to ask delilah.
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    We honeymooned in Scotland in October and it was gorgeous t-shirt weather.

    Cool pics.
  12. Great pics, congrats!
  13. nice pics like the tree house were about is it and how much was it to rent.. ;D
  14. Congratulations M8, nice bay, cool pics. 8)

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