I could totally do that....

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  1. Opening a safe with a stethoscope. Two to the left, five to the right, listen for the clicks, hey presto, the gold bars are mine all mine. Piece of cake :D
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  2. Thanks for the promise of a beating! .... although actually I don't do the creepies ... just smudged ink all through school until I twigged I could write from underneath as opposed to "creepy over the top" ... Your "offer" has been duly noted.
    We lefties need all the "friends we can get :hattip:
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  3. See me in my study after prep...
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  4. THANK YOU Sir!
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  5. "I said play dead, so do as your told and take yer shirt off"

    Be sure to let us know how it goes tomorrow!
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  6. Mrs P won't let me have one !!!:(:(:(:(
    She saw my reaction to a vid and said NO WAY.
    Best dust off the old cave diving gear then:D:D:D
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  7. There are quite a lot of dead wing-suit flyers. Maybe you could get a suit second hand?
  8. Other peoples blood don't bother me. Good thinking Snotts .
  9. The bloodstains will wash out :thumbsup:
  10. I stand corrected but I doubt that the defibrillator would have started the ambulance.

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  11. Wasn’t there a song about that
    Take these broken wings :)
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  12. I always wanted to hang glide till when offered by my uncle bob who lived in Switzerland till he died age 90 , said do you want to come with me up the mountains tomorrow n have a jump solo . He was in his late seventies then. But my balls went , shoulda wooda coulda moment :oops:
  13. I could pick a lock with a hair slide or paper clip!!

    I did pick the lock on a manager's desk drawers once! He was away for two days and the keys to some supplies that the CNC machiners needed were in there. All went well, expect that he noticed the drawer wasn't locked when he came back - I tried to lock it but couldn't :oops:
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  14. Shame he forgot to lock it :D

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