I’ve been naughty again..

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  1. Well I have been a naughty boy and bought another aircooled Vw. Been after one of these for years but always been out of reach. It turned up local to me so would have been rude not to take a look!
    It’s a small project as it needs a few little jobs doing. It’s an older restoration but Seems to be solid in all the right places. There’s the odd oil leak and it’s not running very well at all. There are some blisters in the paint but overall I think she looks fab and what’s nice is that I’m pretty sure I can enjoy the car as it is.... 91B9F2A6-4CB7-4589-A3A6-FFC72A40F847.jpeg 87EF7CA8-C1E1-4EC4-B1E5-3ABF86133521.jpeg
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  2. As you can see in the last photo my lad is distraught with me spending his inheritance!!!
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  3. That looks nice!
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  4. The car is his inheritance better than cash for me lol.
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  5. Always loved these, a low light too, right?
  6. Absolutely! I must remember to tell the missus that!
  7. Not a lowlight unfortunately, it’s a 69 ex California car so has irs and disc brakes etc. Early looks with later running gear. Lowlights are lovely but seriously out of my reach money wise.
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  8. Don’t know much about KGs but think low light a are the early ones ‘50s so my KG in bits owning friend once told me.
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  9. Sorry, been talking cross-overs and my head was thinking 71 as being the year, of course, IRS etc as it's based upon a post67 Bug.

    When were low lights, pre 67, or coincidence with some earlier Beetle year? Ovals, may be?
  10. Nice - don’t however do as my friend d did and investigate a binding front brake and end up poking holes in the Inner arch to see if it was rusty. He now can carry his KG around in a bin bAg after sweeping it off the floor.
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  11. Yikes! Yes I’ve heard that they can rust pretty bad!
  12. I think ‘59 was the last year of the lowlight but I’m not an expert. They were probably still being built in SA years later?
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  14. Yes, not been messed with too :cool:
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  15. Finding one that hadn’t been slammed, narrowed or painted an awful colour proved pretty difficult. When this car turned up less than 20 miles from me I was a little shocked.
  16. Its a lovely car, great colour and the number plate must be worth a bit.
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  17. Stunning :thumbsup::thumbsup:
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  18. Beautiful. Love the colour.
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    Very nice :)
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