Hydraulic struts to assist a pop-top: Any opinions?

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by BayWatcher, Oct 22, 2011.

  3. Bus Depot now sells hydraulic kits for Westfalias!
    The best part is, unlike certain other places that sell them, Bus Depot has chosen not to gouge us up the whazoo. They are only asking $89! (£56.30)
    They're also easy to mount. They bolt right into the bottom Westy hinges, then just drill 2 holes in the top.
    I love Bus Depot. ❤
    And they do ship overseas.
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  6. Have just done this to mine and its an amazing difference. Was thinking of getting some gas struts fitted but think my wife should easily be able to lift the roof on her own now :)
  7. I'm happy you've given it a try, though I'm not sure if it's a long term solution. Mine is still easier than it was, but after 3 years, I think the springs are nearing the end of their life. I took it apart again last week and added a couple more washers but it's not made any difference.

    I've not found repacements specifically for this roof, but I'd be interested to know if you can buy something off the shelf from an engineering suppliers. I just don't know how you'd specify what you want.

  8. I got these from Vwheritage. They look tiny in comparison to some of the pics above. ( 7 inches top to bottom and 1/2 wide).
  9. These regrettably are not the same. I'm not sure what they fit, but the springs inside the struts are 427 mm long with 66 coils, outside diameter 22.5 mm and wire diameter 4 mm. They work by compression. I thought I'd found some from a spring manufacturer, but they were too wide.
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  10. Yes I was a bit befuddled when I saw them based on the photos above. I will contact VWH as they dont look like they are what I am after even though the description sounded correct. @Alex VW Heritage
  11. These fit the uprights that hold the roof open,

    I was led to believe they fit early and late but think they may only fit Early westies so am having the description amended now for you.
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  12. Thanks Alex. I am after the late bay westy springs and was very excited when I got the new product email :(. I haven't taken mine apart but from descriptions above they dont look right. Maybe get the chance over the weekend, when the rain stops, to have a closer look.
  13. They look like the ones on my '73 Westy
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  14. Yes. Just had a closer look at the package and it has a sticker over something that clearly states prototype. Hopefully VwH can make sure no one else gets caught by this.

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